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Get in the best shape of your LIFE.


Are you tired of feeling less than your best?

Do you want an effective fitness program backed by the latest science and research perfectly tailored to your unique fitness needs?

At Premier Performance Training, you will benefit from our innovative, client-centered approach to fitness and body movement. We combine tried-and-true methods with the unconventional to get you in the best shape of your life.

Whether you want to be pain-free, stronger, drop stubborn excess weight, or more flexible, Premier Performance will create a program that is ideal for you.

Too many trainers mistake sweat volume for quality exercise, relying entirely on mechanical routines that are exhaustive but have proven to be ineffective long term.

Instead, I focus on what is best for your body. Our programs are tailored to meet your individual needs. I want to help you achieve and exceed your own personal fitness goals. Premier Performance has several available options for training: Elite Athletic Development, Private Training, or Semi-Private Training.

Premier Performance Training

While most programs leave you confused and can kill your motivation; the Elite Athletic Development Program approach will make getting stronger, leaner, and faster simpler than you ever thought possible.

Premier Performance Training

For the Individuals who need more of the one-on-one approach with a tailored program based around their specific needs. I will evaluate and design a workout program based around your needs, whether it be addressing injuries, prior or Existing surgeries, or degenerative and ongoing pain. Education and Results Driven training is the best approach to get you the desired outcome you have always been looking for.

Premier Performance Training Brentwood TN

This is a great way to keep you inspired and motivated, while working out with other like-minded People. our mission is to build relationships with our members, while also creating a fun training environment and getting results. Don’t worry if you are not a specific fitness level. I tailor each program based around what you can do. Having a workout partner will finally Push you to the “next Level.”

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